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How to survive a new CEO

Some years ago, CIO Magazine published an article on how to survive the arrival of a new CEO.  The messages are still valid today:
  • You need to decide real fast if you want to be on the new team - get with the programme, or get out.
  • Initial impressions count - don’t stuff up in that first 100 days - and be available.
  • Demonstrate goodwill to the new regime, and mean it (especially if you were a contender).
  • Don’t start moaning about your pay, the plan, or your colleagues - you were part of the old order.
  • Understand and accept the new CEO’s agenda and imperatives.
  • Understand the new CEO’s style, and work with it.
  • Demonstrate a grasp of the big picture, and avoid patch protection.
  • Take on one of the big new projects, and demonstrate commitment to the new order.
It’s a bit like the message in ‘Who moved my cheese?‘ Embracing change is a lot more fun than fighting it.  Having been the new CEO on several occasions, I can vouch for this. I need to make decisions fast, and I want to get the new regime working fast. I have to make my mind up very fast about who’s in or out. 

First posted August 16th, 2007