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Hello, I'm Jim Donovan. Welcome to my website. The Isambard name (pronounced IS-mm-BARD) honours Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the renowned 19th century engineer. Designing and operating a great business is akin to a great engineering project:
  • Purpose: an overarching proposition of what you offer the world, to whom, and why they'd want it;
  • Principles: mutually-reinforcing core principles and values which define and underpin everything you do;
  • Vision: a clear, coherent, consistent, and elegant design of how you will make and fulfil your offer;
  • Focus: doing what should be done to build that (and not doing what shouldn't);
  • Ambition: thinking, planning, and acting for greatness.
My services include:
  • professional company director, chairman, or advisory board member;
  • conference presentation and chairmanship;
  • special projects and advice for boards, senior executives and major investors.
I draw on hands-on experience of successful business transformations (and lessons learnt from the occasional non-success):
  • business strategy & execution - development and hands-on implementation;
  • business capability & performance -  to achieve substantial shifts in business scale and shareholder value;
  • ownership, acquisition & divestment - planning, preparation and execution, pre- and post-deal, buy-side and sell-side;
  • high value manufacturing, engineering and design-based businesses;
  • information & telecommunications technology products and services;
  • infrastructure and utility networks;
  • business & professional services;
  • international business;
  • government processes in research, education and industry development.
If you'd like me to call you, please email with your contact details and I'll be in touch.

NB. I do not promote or advise the general public on investments.