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Book shelf

I've read many business-related books, and I often refer to them in conversation or in articles here. Not every book is one I'd want to keep on my own library shelf. However, there are some business books I particularly recommend. Many are classics, one or two are less well-known today, but all have influenced me significantly or helped me better explain my own ideas. I hope you find them illuminating.
  • Champy, Reengineering Management
  • Christensen, The Innovator's Dilemma
  • Collins, Good To Great
  • Feldman & Spratt, Five Frogs On A Log
  • Gower, The Complete Plain Words
  • Hammer & Champy, Reengineering The Corporation
  • Hope & Hope, Transforming The Bottom Line
  • Johnson & Kaplan, Relevance Lost
  • Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese?
  • Jones & Womack, Lean Thinking
  • Kaplan & Norton, The Strategy-Focused Organisation
  • Kim & Mauborgne, Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Liker, The Toyota Way
  • Ries, The Lean Startup
  • Rumelt, Good Strategy/Bad Strategy
  • Semler, Maverick
  • Townsend, Further Up The Organisation
  • Simon, Bilstein & Luby, Manage For Profit, Not For Market Share
  • Simon, Hidden Champions Of The 21st Century
  • Thomsett, Radical Project Management
  • Treacy & Wiersma, The Discipline Of Market Leaders
As a business leader, it helps if you have some understanding of the larger social, economic, historic, and political context in which you operate, especially if you interact with policy-makers.  Here are some books I have found very helpful.
  • Allen, The British Industrial Revolution In Global Perspective
  • Bentley, Innovation!
  • Bellish, Making Peoples
  • Butler-Bowden, 50 Economics Classics
  • Butler-Bowden, 50 Politics Classics
  • Fawcett, Liberalism, The Life Of An Idea
  • Harford, The Undercover Economist
  • Harford, The Undercover Economist Strikes Back
  • Hazlitt, Economics In One Lesson
  • Hendy & Callaghan, Get Off The Grass
  • Heywood, Politics
  • Heywood, Political Ideologies
  • Lanchester, How To Speak Money
  • Spooner, The New Zealanders