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To reinvent yourself, first understand yourself

To reinvent yourself, you have to first understand yourself - as you are now, and as you want to be in future. Regular readers will know that one of my persistent strategic messages is having a clear market offer which drives everything you do.

Last December, Harvard Business Review published an article on business model reinvention by Professor Clay Christiansen et al (unfortunately behind a subscription wall). They produced this neat summary of a business model, which you can use as a guide in your thinking.

I’d add one additional area - Ethos, covering the softer issues of raison d’etre, brand (in the widest sense of the word), culture, organisational style and modus operandi. I know they’re implicitly covered, but I think they need to be highlighted - changing your ethos can be as business-transforming as changing your value proposition, processes, profit model or resources.

PS. You can watch a short video of Prof. Christiansen at the HBR website talking about established organisations changing their business models.