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Welcome to Isambard. We work with business owners, directors and executives to define and deliver strategic change. Drawing on extensive hands-on experience of successful business transformations (and lessons learnt from the occasional non-success), our services include:
- leadership, governance and directorship;
- business strategy & transformation: development and hands-on implementation;
- ownership, acquisition & divestment: planning, preparation and execution, pre- and post-deal, buy-side and sell-side.

Isambard's name honours Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the great 19th century engineer. Designing and operating a great business is akin to a great engineering project:
- an overarching purpose: what you offer the world, to whom (customers, shareholders, staff, communities, business partners), and why they'd want it;
- a clear, coherent, consistent design of how you will make and fulfill that offer - core principles, people, processes, products;
- doing what should be done to build that business (and not doing what shouldn't);
- thinking, planning and acting for greatness.

Isambard does not provide valuation, financial or legal advice (other than assessing business performance) and we do not usually promote businesses for sale. Isambard does not promote or advise on investment in shares, bonds or other financial instruments.