03 November, 2011

Video chats on leadership and strategic thinking

In 2003, I was interviewed on camera for the Leadership project run by the Royal Society of New Zealand.  They posted the best bits in 3  short videos.  The titles are slightly misleading as I cover wider themes, but the videos are still relevant today.
PS. The anecdotes mainly related to Deltec, and I was interviewed in the Isambard office, but for some strange reason the editor inserted a graphic with Fronde on it.  Ignore that.


Dr. Annick Janson said...

Apologies for this error Jim. We are looking into it.

On the up side, your interview excerpts have been chosen by leadership lecturers and shared with over a thousand students! Dr. Allan Lind (Duke University, Fuqua School of Business who also taught Leadership in the Workplace (http://leadership.rsnz.org/collections/20) at the University of Auckland Business School) and Dr. Fabrice Desmarais (Waikato Management School) for his course on Management Communication (http://leadership.rsnz.org/collections/33). Your material will also be used in postgraduate curriculum on technology start-ups at Lincoln University next year (http://leadership.rsnz.org/collections/36).

Students enjoy the material provided by our leaders and we are in the process of recording more interviews.

The funders who supported this project view it as public good.

Thank you for sharing your insights on camera and helping our future leaders!

Dr. Annick Janson
Lead Researcher
New Zealand Leadership Pathway

Jim Donovan said...

Nice to hear from you, Annick. Please don't go to any effort; I wasn't criticising - in fact I was amazed to discover that the videos were still up. And great to hear how much they are in use.

Annick Janson said...

Thank you for getting back to me on that Jim - I would not want you to be unhappy about something that on the other hand is gaining so much kudos and recognition!

We are extending the project to interviews with commercialisation offices in U Canterbury, Lincoln U and U of Waikato! It is awesome to be able to tap into such important tacit knowledge. We are also researching the impact of multimedia interviews (such as these) on collaboration - as a catalyst for further face to face contact. Our Research Questions address those elements that need to be on footage to enhance trust and relevance just past the "tipping point" where a potential industry collaborator or funder thinks "hmmm, I like the way this entrepreneur or inventor approaches challenges"... So beyond the data collection stage, we'll be doing "user experience" studies to test audience reaction to such video clips.